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Nov 24
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The founding ml engineer, nlp/audio role will be critical to our efforts of creating machine-learning models for modern business communication that fuel the intelligent learning experience in Ox.

You will need an endless fascination with the most bleeding-edge applications of natural language processing and audio analysis (including digital signal processing). The role will include some MLOps initially (creating new training pipelines and ETL), but the bulk of your focus will be creating, training, and measuring the efficacy of new models.

This role will require a thoughtful approach to building, while thriving on shipping revisions fast so we can get quality feedback from the learners that are using the product and measure the results.

Ox's Current Tech Stack/Skills Required:

‍ML Stack:

- Python3 ( Pandas, PyTorch, PySpark, Librosa, Tensorflow, Keras, TFX Pipelines )
- GCP ( Vertex AI, Big Query )
- Postgresql


- Typescript
- React
- Electron
- React-native
- Nodejs
- Graphql
- Nestjs
- TypeORM
- Postgresql
- Redis
- Tailwind CSS
- Kubernetes
- Github and GH Actions
- Zoom API
- WebAudio API
- GCP ( Run, SQL, Storage, PubSub, BigQuery )
- AWS ( Cognito, Amplify, Lambda, ECR, Cloudfront )
- Cloudflare WAF
- Design/PM/Comms Tools: Figma, Webflow, Clickup, Slack w/integrations


Ox’s Benefits Package:

- Competitive Compensation package, including strong salary and ownership through equity
- Employer-sponsored health care
- Flexible PTO
- Async work culture, flexible hours, milestone-driven
- Remote-first, work from anywhere


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