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Full-stack programming
Mar 7
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💡 Please email sahil@hey.com before doing the challenges to confirm the role is still open. Please include a link to LinkedIn or a social profile like Twitter, as well as some work you’ve done that may be relevant.

Gumroad is great for folks who like to focus on shipping high-quality work for our customers instead of socializing or meeting.

We do it by being flexible (working 20-35 hrs a week), transparent, asynchronous, and high-trusting. We also have a very high adherence to our (limited) process.

You can read more about the way we work here: https://sahillavingia.com/work

This way of working isn’t for everyone. Some internal docs to help you decide if it’s for you:


Full-stack engineers

You’ll ship product features, fix bugs, and remove technical debt. Our stack is Ruby on Rails + React. You should have familiarity with using both in production.

This role is $85/hr ($149k/yr) and is worldwide.



If you’re interested…

We like challenges because we think they’re more fair than requiring résumés/degrees, but if you prefer showing off a badass resume / short bio, you can try that too!

Please compress the highlights of your career thus far into a few bullet points and send them to sahil@gumroad.com, along with your best work samples.



  • Everyone bills per hour
  • Everyone is paid in cash + matching stock options @ $100M valuation
  • There are no health benefits, perks, equipment, etc
  • Contracts officially last 18 months, though many people have worked at Gumroad for several years
  • Max hrs per week: 35
  • Take as much time off as you want, these are contract positions
  • We plan to meet up once per year, next in Italy 🇮🇹

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