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Feb 19
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About us:

RevenueCat makes building, analyzing, and growing mobile subscriptions easy. We launched as part of Y Combinator's summer 2018 batch and today are handling more than $1.5B of in-app purchases annually across thousands of apps.

We are a mission driven, remote-first company that is building the standard for mobile subscription infrastructure. Top apps like VSCO, Notion, and ClassDojo count on RevenueCat to power their subscriptions at scale.

Our 50 team members (and growing!) are located all over the world, from San Francisco to Madrid to Taipei. We're a close-knit, product-driven team, and we strive to live our core values: Customer Obsession, Always Be Shipping, Own It, and Balance.

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to help us build new systems and features, improve our existing infrastructure, and ultimately help developers make more money. You will be part of the team that is in charge of maintaining and growing the core of our platform. You’ll be working on making subscriptions easier for our customers by understanding the complexities that each store has and abstracting them to provide an easy to use SDK and API.


About you:

  • You love making products for developers.
  • You have 5+ years of proven experience working as a Full Stack engineer.
  • You are comfortable writing and debugging SQL, bonus points if it's PostgreSQL.
  • You have experience building web applications with a JavaScript framework, React experience is a plus.
  • You have experience designing and integrating RESTful APIs, Python experience is a plus.
  • You are a collaborative builder and like to build systems with other engineers in mind.
  • You don't scoff at unglamorous engineering tasks, yaks don't shave themselves.
  • You are an excellent written and verbal communicator.
  • You have deep empathy for the user.
  • You know when to seek assistance, and it's typically to discuss tradeoffs.
  • Experience building mobile apps is a plus.


In the first month, you'll:

  • Get up to speed on our architecture and learn the problem domain
  • Implement your first pull request and deploy to our 100's of millions of API consumers
  • Begin reviewing code and add to our engineering culture
  • Learn the complexities of in app subscriptions
  • Get a basic understanding on how each store we support works and their main differences
  • Have a running version of a sample app for each of the stores


Within the first 3 months, you'll:

  • Learn the basics of incident response, and be part of the on-call rotation
  • Make improvements to how we test, review, and ship code to improve quality
  • Be able to work on core issues that are affecting most customers
  • Understand our data model and events that we support
  • Understand the feature gaps with each of the stores
  • Gain deeper knowledge in at least one of the stores
  • Learn how our SDK works


Within the first 6 months, you'll:

  • Be the most knowledgeable person on one of the stores
  • Help build and make changes to the RevenueCat dashboard
  • Know all the major components of our system and be able to debug complex issues
  • Have your own initiatives for improving the code base and our infrastructure
  • Be able to detect bottlenecks, profile, and come up with enhancements
  • Help us reduce the gap between the store functionality and RevenueCat


Within the first 12 months, you'll:

  • Be able to spec, architect, and build any feature we might want to build
  • Mentor other engineers joining the team
  • Know more about PostgreSQL than anyone ever should
  • Help plan and define the roadmap


What we offer:

  • $173,000-$194,000 USD salary regardless of your location
  • Competitive equity in a fast-growing, Series B startup backed by top tier investors including Y Combinator
  • 10 year window to exercise vested equity options
  • Fully remote work environment that promotes autonomy and flexibility
  • Suggested 4 to 5 weeks time off to recharge and focus on mental, physical, and emotional health
  • $2,000 USD to build your personal workspace
  • $1,000 USD annual stipend for your continuous learning and growth

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