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Full-stack programming
Dec 3
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Haul is a digital hiring platform that connects certified and vetted commercial truck drivers with trucking companies in a flexible and efficient manner. Haul provides drivers the freedom to choose assignments based on type, length, and schedule, while offering visibility to pay and immediate access to earned wages.

Simultaneously, Haul meets the needs of third-party logistics, private fleets, and trucking companies to provide drivers in a way that best meets their business needs, from temporary flex workers to full-time hires. Created by Uber Freight alumni, Haul is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Denver.


Our stack:

- Microservices

- NestJS (NodeJS + TypeScript)

- ReactJS + ReactNative

- MongoDB


Why this would be an exciting opportunity for you:

- We're a small team - you'll be one of our first engineering hires.

- Your work will move the needle.

- We're not just another software company. We're building solutions to solve real-world problems, creating employment opportunities for one of the most underserved demographics in America.

- You won't be just coding all day. You will be part of operations - understand various aspects of the business. We believe in a well-rounded engineer.

- We have a roadmap to build many industry-first features. The technical challenges are abundant if you're looking for them.


Why this might NOT be a good fit for you:

- If you're looking for a first job out of boot camp. Our team is small and we are building a more experienced team to execute. We don't have the luxury of resources at the moment to train someone new to Node.JS or React.

- We're a small team. We don't have everything figured out. Don't expect to have a process for everything you do or are asked to do.

- Things change quickly in startup work. We do our best to plan our work but things can change. If you're not a fan of being flexible and adaptive, this might not be for you.

- Fast-paced, take a risk.

- We won't ask you to write code that lasts forever. We will ask you to architect and build things that can accommodate changes 6-12 months down the road.

- Self-driven / most of the time, you'll be remote. We have an office in the Bay Area but most of our staff are remote.


Benefits & Perks

๐Ÿ“ˆ Stock options and competitive compensation package

๐Ÿ Flexible personal time off

๐Ÿฉบ Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

๐Ÿฆ Employer-sponsored 401k


For an all-remote position in the rest of the United States, we're putting a lot of thought into building an all-inclusive remote environment. Prioritizing documentation over verbal communication, asynchronous vs. in person.



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