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Sep 1
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AcceleratorApp is a startup and the world’s leading innovation management platform. We are dedicated to accelerating innovation by making the startup industry more connected, efficient, and fair—globally.

We are a remote-first organization based in Lisbon. If you want to be part of a passionate team, build a product that makes a difference, and desire a challenge that will define your career, this is the place.


As a designer at AcceleratorApp, you will be involved in every part of the customer experience and the development process. Your principal mission will be to develop and enhance users' usability of various types through their customer journeys. This will involve meeting customers/users and liaising with the customer success team, our CEO, and other parties. As a designer working at AcceleratorApp, your projects will often change as we have many user types using different features for different value propositions. For example, some of our user types; are founders, mentors, experts, investors, accelerator managers, and more. Some will use the product from a utility perspective, while others seek insights, etc...


As mentioned above, we are remote first, and with that comes much flexibility. We don't care where you are located in the world. There is no check-in check-out. We work on a trust-based relationship. As opposed to having a fixed benefit plan, let's discuss what matters to you. Here are a few options we can discuss.

  • Health plan
  • Stock options
  • Hardware budget
  • Training budget
  • Traveling budget? Why not...

This benefit package will be designed around what you need.


First, we are a diverse and global team. That means difference and openness. We thrive through this difference. We work in different time zones, so our process is heavily based on async communication, with a few weekly meetings. Weekly meetings camera on, ready to rock, and make those meetings efficient and to the point. That being said, the group of people working together on a feature/product will often meet together as a self-organized meeting to jam out about the product and find ways to deliver an improved solution.


  • Over 4 years of relevant full-time experience
  • Experience in user research
  • Experience in SAAS B2B or ways you can relate your experience that
  • Understanding of basic CSS (you won't be required to code, we just want you to know how it works)
  • Eye for design
  • Fast & Accurate
  • Ability to exemplify previous successes


  • Product Management

Recruitment Process

First, create an account in our app; this will give you a sense of our product for one type of user (applicant). One of the use cases of our software is to allow startups around the world to apply to accelerators and innovation centers. In this case, we are using it to enable you to apply to our process while giving you a feel for the product. There will be 3 simple video questions for you to answer and a few pieces of information required about you and your experience. Once submitted, we will review this information to make sure it is a fit, and then you will meet with our CEO. After that, there will be a quick work challenge with a designer working with us, and then offer time!

Other Names

graphic designer, product manager

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