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Aug 2
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About Bambi

Mission:​ ​Improve access for the nearly 3.6 million Americans unable to receive medical care due to transportation barriers.

Our Thesis: ​Legacy software products are outdated and unintuitive—ambulance and ambulette companies need a modern, cloud-first, SaaS platform on which to operate their businesses. Bambi is building this platform in order to enable medical transportation companies to drastically improve efficiency in providing their indispensable services to their communities.

Bambi’s values:

  • Transparency — Frequent feedback, in all directions, is the key to effective collaboration.
  • Autonomy — Take control of your work and build something you’re proud of.
  • Not Reinventing the Wheel — Stand on the shoulders of giants to move faster and further.
  • Humility — We all make mistakes. Let’s learn from them rather than hide them.

About the role

Role: Full Stack, Frontend, Backend, or Mobile Engineer

Location: Remote


  • A true software leadership role that will combine engineering and product ownership.
  • Develop and own features end to end, including frontend, backend, mobile and infra.
  • Architect and build a modern, cloud-first, web application from day zero.
  • Help build an engineering culture you’d be proud to be part of.
  • Meet frequently with industry experts to drive product decisions.
  • Fully remote and flexible hours – we believe in outcomes over output. We value async management and collaboration, so you can work in a style that best suits you.

Who are you:

  • You take pride in tackling unknown problems and finding solutions.
  • You are unafraid to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas to a team. 
  • You are an avid learner. You are always hungry for new information.
  • You know how to implement best practices and find new / relevant ways products are built or are going to be built in the future.
  • You are unfazed by ambiguity.
  • You can communicate complex ideas simply.

Ideal experience:

  • You have 4+ years experience as a frontend, backend or full stack developer with a background in CS either from university or independent CS projects.
  • You have worked on a B2B SaaS platform and are willing to learn about the healthcare industry.
  • You are adaptable and have worked in a diverse set of environments (e.g. big teams and small teams, early startups and bigger companies, user-facing and internal products).
  • You have a level of comfort with backend and frontend languages. We value your ability to solve problems across the stack more than your knowledge of a particular language or piece of technology.


  • Base salary: $130k - $190k
  • Equity: 0.5% - 1.25%

Interview Process:

  1. 45-minute intro call with the CTO
  2. Three 1-hour technical interviews:
    • Frontend Focused System Design
    • Frontend Component Coding
    • REST API Client Coding
  3. 45-minute call with the CEO

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