What is Async

Asynchronous communication means any type of interaction which does not require real-time conversation and all team-members to be online simultaneously. Immediate responses are not expected and answers can be delayed. With async-first communication, timezones don’t matter, meetings are more purposeful, and team-members can work remotely on a schedule that fits best for them.

Async is Flexible

Pick your hours – While working asynchronously, team-members have the flexibility to communicate and work remotely on their own schedule, and choose their preferred hours in which they are available, regardless of their timezone. Companies are able to build a unique work environment around a global team without being constrained by the need to communicate in person as well as in real-time.

Async is Productive

Deep work creates quality work – In an asynchronous remote work environment, employees can focus better, and maximize their productivity due to no constant interruptions from messages or phone calls. Workers are able to block enough time for deep, focused work, and have total control over their tasks, without waiting for others to complete theirs. With async-first communication, companies allow their employees to work independently, trust them with their work schedule and deadlines, as well as create a more productive workplace for their team.

Async is Global

Today New York City, tomorrow a beach in Sri Lanka – Due to the freedom of working independently in any timezone, asynchronous remote work culture allows employees to work from anywhere around the world. No matter where they live or where they would like to work from, team-members can work together from any location. Companies are able to hire their employees globally, and offer them a modern and flexible workplace.