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Back-end programming
Dec 10
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About PowerLoom

At PowerLoom, we are building a decentralized protocol that will be considered as a gold standard

  • for guaranteeing integrity of data that lives on any decentralized protocol and the state of which undergoes transitions continually.

  • for serving composable and aggregated data on demand powered by an ecosystem of peers and stakeholders that are incentivized to participate in the protocol.

Read the protocol overview: powerloom.io/protocol-overview

This position allows you to be fully remote and comes with all the benefits and room for creative freedom that one would expect from such a role. We meet once every 8-10 weeks to converge on our direction, touch base and keep the team spirit intact.

Before you apply

Please do not apply in case you don't have the freedom to join on an immediate basis or have a notice period longer than 4 weeks at your present employment

Do go through the 'must haves' section.

The following links will help you get a complete picture of the work we do and the systems we build. When you apply, do mention in brief in your introduction note on any specific area/component/subsystem of PowerLoom Protocol that you see yourself readily contributing to based on the skill and experience you have gained so far. All applications without a valid introduction note will be rejected.

Must haves: skills and responsibilities

An ability to learn and apply new concepts in a rapid iterative approach will be taken into account wherever prior experience might not be available or applicable.

An engineer in this role will be responsible for analyzing the math and data structures behind popular DeFi protocols and adapting them for the purpose of snapshotting and indexing in Powerloom Protocol. This would also require writing scalable code to fit within the already open sourced snapshotter framework to ingest and process large volumes of DeFi trade streams.

Share links to your open source contributions or projects to prioritize your place in the selection process. Original projects, hackathon entries, bounty submissions have the potential to get a pass straight to the technical evaluation round without a screening round.


  • Programmable blockchains
    • RPC API of blockchain clients
  • Python and web3 libraries. web3.py, eth-utils etc

  • Hands on knowledge of at least two major DeFi protocols

    • the math behind them
    • smart contract design and architecture
    • composability use cases of combining them to make money legos.
  • Smart contract development, testing and prototyping frameworks

    • Hardhat
    • Foundry
    • Remix
    • Truffle
    • Transactions relating to swaps, lending, borrowing

Backend engineering

We expect candidates to have worked on implementing the follwing design and architecture patterns and strategies in Python, at production scale.

  • Ability to architect and map out systems with sequence diagrams, flow charts

  • Decentralized systems

    • low level p2p network communications
    • data structures of blocks/transactions/proofs/storage
    • scaling for high throughput
  • Scaling services with distributed systems

    • caching
    • queue based worker systems
    • concurrency primitives
    • reverse proxying
    • low level OS and kernel primitives for finer control over system resources
    • Docker

Web3 and smart contract data

  • data vectorization and wrangling in Python
  • Data structures of event logs corresponding to DeFi protocol primitivies for eg, Swap, Burn, Mint
  • Timeseries data analysis
  • Database engines(SQL, NoSQL, FlatFile)
    • Appropriate database selection based on storage needs
    • Applications of cryptography for efficient storage

What do you get out this

With any engineering role at PowerLoom Protocol, you will be working on bleeding edge stuff at the intersection of diverse techincal as well as non-technical fields like Web3 tools/frameworks/protocols, decentralized/distributed systems, game theory, cryptoeconomics, DeFi(decentralized finance), to name a few. One can be rest assured that pursuing a career with us and joining the core founding team will empower them to reap the oppprtunities coming up in the decentralized software development world in the near to long term future.

Remote Work Culture - Benefits and Expectations

  • Flexible work hours and zero micro-management over hours clocked and other trivial issues
  • Being healthy and fit is an integral part of our company culture and our internal communication channels on Slack mirror the same attitude
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate asynchronously makes or breaks remote teams. We expect commitment towards the same from all members of the team. Be adept at long form, asynchronous communication at every step of the planning and development lifecycle -
    • document design decisions
    • maintain architecture diagrams and references for all modules
    • present all information on Slack without the need for second-guessing and extrapolation from other team members
    • Ask questions to your assigned mentor as well as all stakeholders involved in design, development and testing of the feature/codebase/architecture
  • Wherever there is a need for synchronous communication with team members, coordinate well in advance and block each other's calendars to minimize scheduling conflicts

General Must-haves

  • Ability to listen unbiasedly and gather requirements as accurately described in calls/meetings, architectural discussions and engineering documents
  • Ability to clearly communicate progress, blockers and perform independent research
  • Ability to document and take ownership of the functional correctness of any assigned work
  • Ability to quickly iterate, learn from mistakes and apply lessons from the same as future strategy

Cherry on top

These skills are not a strict requirement to qualify for the role yet can add the extra edge required to engineer a protocol like PowerLoom:

  • Experience of working extensively with Git and project management tools that enable fast development and coordination across multiple teams in the future
  • Experience with NoSQL data stores and caches like Redis/Memcached
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux fundamentals - shell scripting, CLI tools etc.
  • Familiar with deploying and managing services on cloud platforms like AWS/GCP/Azure

If you are passionate about solving data availability and specialized information access for the next generation of web3 applications at a scale never worked on before, without compromising on the principles of decentralized trust and openness of the internet, go ahead and apply. You won't be disappointed.

When applying for this role, please don't forget to mention that you found this job post on FindAsync. We want companies to know about our site and convince them to post here.
Thank you ! 🙏

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