Product Engineer


± 2 hours from 🇩🇪 Berlin, in-person-meeting for a week once a quarter in Berlin
Product, UX & Design
Aug 30
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TLDR: Hands-on senior product engineer fully remote ±2 hours from Berlin. You love thinking about product and drive product iterations from ideation to code. You will work closely with the founders, engineers and designers to help make async work more accessible for remote teams.

🎙We are Acapela

In 2020, the way how people work around the world has fundamentally changed. As many others around the world, we found ourselves spending entire workdays in chat channels and video calls in order to work together. We were not able to share ideas spontaneously and spending time in hour-long video calls was just mentally draining. We realized that effective remote work needs more time for working on our own time schedules. We decided to build Acapela to make working remote awesome.

The company was founded by two serial founders (Heiki & Roland) who have built products that are used by millions of users - literally, Roland's latest gig was just sold to Reddit! We are financed by one of Europe's best early-stage VC funds and a stellar group of business angels who help us build a fast-growing, sustainable company.

🧗🏼‍♀️Your responsibilities

  • Proactively scope and design technical architecture for new features
  • Build and iterate on new product features in a scrappy(done is better than perfect) manner
  • Getting feedback from the users for your released features to understand what works and what doesn't
  • Actively participate in product discussions with the engineers and designers

🎯Role details

  • Competitive Berlin level salary and generous options in Acapela.
  • Our entire stack is in Typescript so previous experience with Typescript would be handy.
  • Fully flexible setup. We have a lovely small office in the middle of Berlin while remote work is at the core of what we are building. Therefore, it is completely up to you where you would like to work from. Being located ±2 hours from Berlin is a big plus.
  • The entire team meets in-person for a week once a quarter. That's mainly to brainstorm and get to know each other better. That means you should be able to travel within Europe once every three months.

🚀Why join us

  • We are changing how fully-remote and hybrid teams collaborate and how remote work will look like for decades to come. Your work will have an impact on a global scale.
  • You will be part of a group of highly ambitious people. You may have heard that "you become the average of the five people you spend the most time around". Expect that average to be very high at Acapela.
  • We are an inclusive team and value everyone's unique background. We expect different opinions and appreciate honest and frequent feedback. We thrive to create a safe work environment where nobody has to hide their real self.
  • We are committed to give you the tools that make you the most productive. We are committed to a healthy and happy lifestyle. This includes prioritizing your wellbeing over vanity metrics.

📬How to apply

Forward us your LinkedIn profile ( Please also tell us about the most exciting product you have worked on 🚀 Bonus: We love music. Send us a link to your favorite piece of music and let us know what fascinates you about it. 🎵

When applying for this role, please don't forget to mention that you found this job post on FindAsync. We want companies to know about our site and convince them to post here.
Thank you ! 🙏

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